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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Feisty Disabled Grandmother aka "The Chicken Lady" Stands Up To Corruption Of Homeowner Associations - There is NO Stopping This David Vs Goliath Story.

Read this back story and help me to share this story. We are trying to get laws changed forever to protect homeowners from "domestic terrorism" In my opinion. This is what HOA's have become, LEGAL domestic terrorists that can destroy your life and those around you. 

Start now to protect YOUR future. You can click to the next link or take just a moment to think about all the horror stories that you have heard about the HOA's they are intrusive "and rule the roost "in your neighborhood. Do something. Please sign this petition!

Until you are abused by your HOA you won't do anything. One day your family may receive a "letter in the mail" from your HOA. That's when your legal nightmares begin. You'll to do something then.

We were told by the real estate agent when we bought the house that there was a one page rule. It was posted at the mail box "mow your yard every 6 months" We were led to believe falsely that there were "no strict HOA rules" very laid back and no issues here in the nice peaceful country.

AFTER we purchased we got in to find this nightmare and they kept legal issues and changing laws until they put me out of business.... but I'm bbbaaacccckkkkkkkk! uh oh!

Thus far in my wars against ALL HOA's I have been a guest on national radio shows,

become a featured article in the HOA Reform Coalition of Texas,

We are filing a TV show for cable TV. I'm posting blogs, websites, recording news media and REALLY trying to get this case noticed so that one day new laws can be made. the important thing: There are THOUSANDS of people like me out there with legal troubles, they may not be able to do anything about it. Everyone SPEAK UP!

Well, I bet the HOA did not "see that coming." I'm seeking a way to rent a satellite in outer space to beam this story to other galleries (partial sarcasm with smirk on face!) At least I'm not mad... if I was I'd really start promoting this story.

What steps can YOU take if your HOA is harassing you without cause or oversteps the bounds of what is considered reasonable? When all of your reasonable efforts have failed in trying to work with your HOA to solve your problems and the HOA abuse gets out of control consider doing the following:
Contact the Attorney General in your State and file your grievance
Post job ads for social media experts on Monster & Indeed or other job boards. Do not underestimate the power of Social Media! Pay a few dollars to teenagers with computers will get you lots of postings!
Link to HOA rights groups Do not be afraid to speak out! Tell the TRUTH
Post your story on Facebook & Yahoo/Google Groups forums Seek legal advise. Its out there you just have to look for it.
The ONE thing HOA's do not want to be is visible to the public. Bring your HOA to the light and tell everyone on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media what your HOA is up to. What has your HOA done to you?
Post videos and slide shows about HOA abuse and the unfair things that they are doing to you.
Be sure to state "in my opinion" when speaking or writing about your individual case to avoid slander/liable charges.
So tell what they have done to you and your fellow neighbors. Let it be known on social media that your HOA's are unfair and need to be controlled with regulations and rules. Join the sweeping movement!

The US government shall promote regulation of Home Owner Associations to protect the Rights of home owners. It shall encourage the States to establish regulation…