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Friday, August 25, 2017

Do Your Own Careful Research Before Purchasing Homes Or Property In Bellville Texas - Buyer Beware Of Some Areas Declining In Bellville Texas

Do Your Own Careful Research Before Purchasing Homes Or Property In Bellville Texas - 

Buyer Beware Of Some Areas Declining In Bellville Texas

Buyers - Are you shopping for real estate in Bellville Texas. Do your own research and find out more before putting down your hard earned money. Some sections of Bellville Texas Real Estate are in rapid decline.  Leaders can't neglect housing decline or allow property owners to postpone maintenance.

Single-family home sale prices have declined rapidly in upstream and once elite properties in the subdivision of Piney Creek. the North side of Bellville Texas.
— all saw home sale prices fall between 10 percent and 30 percent in 2016, according to HAR.

Property Value Declines

When you buy a home in a depressed real estate market, you're taking a number of risks. For one, many depressed real estate markets feature high numbers of foreclosure or short sale homes. As foreclosures and short sales flood a real estate market, property values typically readjust downward. For example, you might spend $150,000 to buy a home in a depressed real estate market only to see it lose even more value until prices stabilize or begin rising.

Part of the reasoning behind the decline of the property values in the subdivision of Piney Creek in Bellville Texas appears to be related to multiple lawsuits within the Homeowners Association and many residents in the area. Due to ongoing personal problems in the community many long term residents are moving from the area. 

But what can you do about Homeowner Abuse? 

What steps can YOU take if your HOA is harassing you without cause or oversteps the bounds of what is considered reasonable? When all of your reasonable efforts have failed in trying to work with your HOA to solve your problems and the HOA abuse gets out of control consider doing the following: 

  • Contact the Attorney General in your State and file your grievance

  • Post job ads for social media experts on Monster & Indeed or other job boards. Do not underestimate the power of Social Media! Pay a few dollars to teenagers with computers will get you lots of postings!

  • Link to HOA rights groups Do not be afraid to speak out! Tell the TRUTH

  • Post your story on Facebook & Yahoo/Google Groups forums

  • Seek legal advise. Its out there you just have to look for it.

  • The ONE thing HOA's do not want to be is visible to the public. Bring your HOA to the light and tell everyone on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media what your HOA is up to. What has your HOA done to you? 

  • Post videos and slide shows about HOA abuse and the unfair things that they are doing to you. Be sure to state "in my opinion" when speaking or writing about your individual case to avoid slander/liable charges. So tell what they have done to you and your fellow neighbors. 

  • Let it be known on social media that your HOA's are unfair and need to be controlled with regulations and rules. Join the sweeping movement!

  • ​Until you are abused by your HOA you won't do anything. One day your family may receive a "letter in the mail" from your HOA. That's when your legal nightmares begin. You'll to do something then

  • Start taking steps NOW